A video game where you ride bitcoin price charts to the moon!

And then ride it all the way back down baby! Bear market here we come... wheeeeeeeee!

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Mark Serrels
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"Don't just watch the charts... ride them!" Solid elevator pitch.

Crypto Rider

People often describe investing in cryptocurrency as a "rollercoaster". Makes sense right? The price goes click-click-click all the way to $19,000 and then wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee... all the way down to $12,500. 

Oh! Wait a minute! The ride's not over. We're creeping up to $17,000...

WHEEE! Back down to $7,000.

Now imagine a video game. A video game where you ride those price charts. Where those peaks and troughs become literal peaks and troughs and you must drive up through those sweet gains, before riding the terrifying fall of a cryptocurrency crash.

Welcome to Crypto Rider.

Crypto Rider is a game that takes cryptocurrency, the digital decentralised currency, and transforms it into a video game. Part Unirally, part Tiny Wings, Crypto Rider is a game that makes perfect sense and I'm glad it exists. For piss-take game at the expense of crypto, it's remarkably polished.

There are tracks for all your favourite cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is there, upstart newbie NEO is there, even the legendary dogecoin has a track.

You can ride the ups and downs of many major cryptocurrencies.

I'm a particular fan of the "sh*tcoin" coin track, which skewers all the get-rich-quick scam coins on the market with startling efficiency.


IOTA is the most boring track because the price was flat for about three months!   


No video game has ever made more sense. I mean, who wouldn't want to cut sick on this incredibly well designed race track...


Whoa... gnarly.


Crypto Riders controls aren't quite what you might expect. I'm used to playing this genre with Tiny Wings style touch controls (touch to pull down, use gravity to get over the bumps). Crypto Rider is a little different -- the touch screen is your accelerator, and... that's it basically.

But it's enough! 


If you're an investor in the doldrums over bitcoin's recent fall from grace, this is the game for you. If you think crypto is a tremendous energy-sapping, environment destroying abomination, this is also the game for you.

Ride that bitcoin lambo to the moon baby!

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