Who's the best Batman of all time?

With "Wonder Woman" now in theaters, we figured we'd debate the merits of every filmic version of Batman. Don't worry, we threw in some in-depth talk about Tommy Lee Jones and what a waste of him that Two-Face was.

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Caitlin Petrakovitz

Numero uno.

Warner Bros.

Basically, Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer were the best Batmans, no question. Oh, you don't agree? Great let's fight about it -- via podcast.

Say welcome back to Continuity Error with a format change and a smack down fight over which Batman could defeat the rest, who had the best costume (Clooney, obvs) and which villain was the best (Mr. Freeze?). 


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I am the Batmans

Film Rotten TomatoesMetacriticIMDBLifetime gross
Batman (1989) 7269%7.6$557M
Batman v. Superman 2744%6.7$338M
The Dark Knight 9482%9$657M
Batman & Robin 1128%3.7$207M
Batman Forever 4051%5.4$374M
Batman Begins 8470%8.3$283M
The Dark Knight Rises 8778%8.5$509M
The Lego Batman Movie 9175%7.7$176M
Batman Returns 8068%7$347M

Note that the chart above is based on lifetime gross adjusted for inflation and according to Box Office Mojo as of June 2, 2017.