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Baby Yoda versus Baby Jabba: The Star Wars battle of cuteness is on

Artist Leonardo Viti has Star Wars fans swooning over an adorable baby Hutt.

Nicknamed Baby Yoda -- this might be the cutest Star Wars character from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. 

No one would accuse the villainous Jabba the Hutt of being cute. But Baby Jabba is another story. 

Leonardo Viti, a 3D character-development artist in the UK, turned his skill and imagination to the task of creating a wee little baby version of Jabba the Hutt. This Hutt shares a greenish hue with Baby Yoda (also known as The Child), the breakout star from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.

Viti first posted the Jabba mini-me to Instagram late in 2019, but its existence has just now kicked into viral overdrive as Twitter users argue over which chubby-cheeked youngster is cuter. 

Opinions are divided. It probably doesn't help that we all know what a twit Jabba the Hutt grew up to be, whereas adult Yoda is one of the most beloved characters in Star Wars. Baby Yoda, even though he's not the same alien as original Star Wars Yoda, seems to be a fairly sweet little dude so far.

Viti's baby Hutt isn't the first one we've seen. Let's not forget Rotta the Huttlet from the animated The Clone Wars. Rotta wasn't the most huggable-looking character. Viti's talent is in turning the slug-like Jabba into a charming little creature that's hard to hate.

Will Baby Jabba claim the Star Wars cuteness throne from Baby Yoda? Probably not, but at least there's some tough competition. 

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