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Avengers: Infinity War is coming to Netflix this Christmas

Oh snap.

Ladies, gentlemen, defenders of the Galaxy! It's time to rejoice: Avengers: Infinity War is coming to Netflix on December 25. So you can take a quick 149-minute break from your family on Christmas to watch this MCU masterpiece before Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 completely (probably) rewrites Marvel history.

Sorry world, but according to Netflix this will only be available for streaming in the US and Canada (maybe just for now though?), so we cannot all collectively experience the Snap together. (But it does still feel like perfect timing for you to consider a subscription-based gift for your spared friends and family this holiday season.)

And can we all take a moment to appreciate the subtle spoiler Netflix tweeted in their announcement?

This news is super welcome after we learned Marvel announced their own real-time timeline of when each of the MCU's films take place. In the new book out this week, Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years, the entertainment giant outlines just where in time each film (not the shows) takes place. While it's said to incorporate some shows' timelines as canon, it does not explicitly call them out in time.

Fallen behind on the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Don't worry, there are multiple timelines you can follow to find your way to Infinity War, and here's where where you can stream many of them.