Avengers: Endgame 4DX makes for even more of a Marvel roller-coaster ride

Moving seats and splashes of water add surprises if you're looking for another round with Thanos.

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Avengers: Endgame in 4DX offers some cool moments. Thor is responsible for one of them.


Avengers: Endgame is a box-office-record-sinking roller-coaster ride no matter what format you see it in, but there's one that makes that a little more literal.

The 4DX experience is like watching a 3D film where your seat shakes and rumbles, a wind machine sometimes makes things a bit chilly, lighting effects punctuate certain moments and you occasionally get splashed with water (that part's optional). It's designed to make the movie more immersive, with the kinds of things you'd associate with a theme park ride more than a movie. 

Note: we'll be veering into mild spoiler territory ahead.


The moving seats are the main attraction here -- they'll rumble and jolt to match the on-screen action, while the cinematic pans and zooms see them tilt accordingly. Spaceships going into hyperspace and the time travel aspect are the most obvious examples, with a fun amount of rocking and rolling. Just be prepared to feel a little silly as you ride with the heroes in those moments.

However, the gentle rocking during emotional scenes (particularly those at the end) is the most effective. It's surprisingly subtle, and you'll feel closer to the characters in their vulnerable moments.

Each seat's built-in rumble feature adds tension with an atmospheric bass heavy drone or a full-on jab in the back when a character gets punched -- Captain America's big one-on-one fight is a highlight. Your seat goes pretty nuts during the finale, but this chunk of the movie is such a sensory overload that you won't notice it that much. 

Don't worry about getting too shaken up; this isn't anywhere the level of an actual roller coaster and won't leave you with aches or pains. However, it is a little distracting and can make you miss minor plot details. 

The 3D varies in its quality -- there are moments when the added sense of depth makes you feel like you're in the scene and others where it seems muddy and out of focus. Should you give the experience a try, make sure you're sitting somewhere pretty central, about halfway back in the room, to alleviate that feeling.

There are a few light effects too, but those are only used sparingly -- the only time it had a major impact was when Thor goes all out with his powers. Seeing the lights flash as his eyes crackle with lightning is super cool.

The water feature -- which can be turned off via a button in your seat if you'd prefer not to get wet -- is used pretty cleverly since there aren't too many watery environments in Avengers: Endgame (unlike last year's Aquaman). You'll get a quick splash when a character draws blood with an attack, which is most effective when Thor goes "for the head" early in the movie. It makes this shocking moment feel even more visceral. 

Less effective is the wind machine. You'll likely not even notice this feature until the end, when you realize you're a bit cold. This can be a bit distracting, so 4DX is best for a second viewing rather than your initial visit.

4DX isn't the best choice for your initial Avengers: Endgame watch -- we'd advise seeing it 2D first -- but it's a wonderful experience if you're looking to mix things up on a repeat viewing.

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