Aquaman makes a splash in China

The movie has been a huge success since opening there Friday -- two weeks before it shows up in US theaters.

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Zoey Chong

Aquaman opened Friday in China.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Aquaman's popularity runs deeps in China, the first country to get the movie in wide release.

The new film crossed a 700 million yuan (or $101 million) milestone on Monday, DC Films announced on its page on the Twitter-like service Weibo.

This is the biggest debut for a Warner Bros. movie in China. Aquaman opened there Friday -- two weeks earlier than you can see it in US, where it opens Dec. 21.

Aquaman is bringing in more money than Crazy Rich Asians did when it arrived on Chinese shores Nov 30. Despite finding huge success elsewhere in the world, Crazy Rich Asians didn't wow Chinese audiences, who apparently found the storyline too cliche and rooted in stereotypes.

Early reviews of Aquaman have been positive. On Weibo, Chinese fans raved about the movie and expressed admiration for Malaysia-born Australian director James Wan. One fan suggested that Warner Bros. could hand DC Universe over to Wan. Another described feeling like a moviegoer in the 1970s watching Star Wars for the first time.

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