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All 8 Harry Potter movies are coming back to Peacock starting Oct. 15

Time for a Halloween marathon.

You'll soon be able to watch all Harry Potter movies on Peacock.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Just in time for Halloween, all eight Harry Potter films will be returning to Peacock. You can watch all the movies in the franchise starting Oct. 15.

In the last several months, the Harry Potter flicks have hopped from Peacock to HBO Max, where they're currently available to stream. Though the films are the property of Warner Bros., they've spent a good amount of time on Peacock throughout the year. It's unclear how long they'll be available on Peacock this time around. 

Peacock, operated by NBCUniversal, offers two premium tiers: one that costs $5 a month and lets you watch everything in its catalog with ads, and another that's $10 a month with no ads. There's also a free tier that provides access to a handful of titles, with advertising. In the past, some Harry Potter films have been included in the free tier. It's still unclear whether that'll be the case this time around too.

The streaming service also shared a list of Halloween movies that'll be arriving next month, including Friday the 13th, Chucky, Saw, Gremlins and Nightmare on Elm Street. These titles will all become available on Peacock on Oct. 1. In addition, the film Halloween Kills will be available in theaters and to stream starting Oct. 15.