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A man called Feliks Zemdegs smashed the Rubik's Cube world record

Most of us struggle to finish a single side, but it took Feliks Zemdegs 4.22 seconds to fully solve the Rubik's cube. New world record!

Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

The Rubik's Cube world record gets broken quite regularly and -- surprise surprise -- it's been broken again. By 22-year-old professional "speedcuber" Feliks Zemdegs from Australia at Cube For Cambodia 2018, a Rubik's cube competition, held May 6 in Melbourne.

It took him 4.22 seconds.

Feliks Zemdegs has won the Rubik's cube world title multiple times. He even held the record back in 2016, at a speed of 4.73 seconds, before being dethroned by the American Patrick Ponce. Presumably all Rubik's cube world record breakers are blessed with tremendous names.

But now Zemdegs is back. 4.22 seconds is the new record. Incredible stuff.