Elon Musk passes Mark Zuckerberg, is now third-richest person in the world

The Tesla and SpaceX founder is rocketing up the billionaire charts.

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Elon Musk mugs after clapping back at NASA's Jim Bridenstine on CNN.

CNN Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg , you're no longer the third-richest person in the world.

After a rise from stock split on Monday, Elon Musk claimed the third spot on Bloomberg's Billionaires Index with a net worth of $115 billion as of market close on Aug. 31. The Tesla and SpaceX founder now has a $4 billion lead on Zuckerberg's $111 billion net worth and trails Bill Gates for second place by $10 billion. 

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos still commands the top spot, with a net worth of $202 billion. 

The jump comes nearly two weeks after Musk moved into the fourth spot on the index. Tesla stock is up nearly 480% year-to-date and now holds a market cap of over $450 billion. The stock jumped 12.5% following the five-for-one stock split that brought the share price down from around $2,200 last week. 

Shares of Tesla were down just over 2%, to $487.24, in intraday trading Tuesday.