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eBay's Authenticity Guarantee Extended to Graded Trading Cards Worth Over $2,000

Graded Pokémon cards are big business.

Photo of eBay logo on an iPhone in handbag. 
Angela Lang/CNET

Auction site eBay is expanding its "Authenticity Guarantee" for graded trading cards through a partnership with Professional Sports Authenticator. Whenever an already-graded trading card sells for more than $2,000, that card will be sent to PSA first to ensure that the plastic holder and label are authentic. This service will soon expand to graded cards sold for over $250, eBay says.

"This partnership allows us to help eBay create a trusted and confident experience for collectors, adding further integrity to the hobby," said PSA President Kevin Lenane in a press release. The Authenticity Guarantee from eBay includes sneakers sold for over $100, watches sold for over $2,000 and handbags sold for over $500.

eBay pointed out that a new team at PSA will be ensuring the authenticity of graded trading cards and is "independent from the core team focused on the existing backlog." Since the pandemic, there's been a boom in Pokémon card speculation, with stores dealing with frantic flippers and McDonald's Happy Meals being bought en masse. Last year, PSA had to put a pause on grading Pokémon and sports cards as a pandemic surge had overrun the company with submissions.