Drones that deliver doughnuts? Yes please!

As drone delivery services increasingly become a reality, one company makes a strong point by delivering delicious doughnuts to four locations in Denver.

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UPS has already experimented with drone package delivery services, and Amazon Prime started delivering with drones in the United Kingdom last year. That's all pretty cool, but a drone doughnut delivery service? Now that's something worth getting excited about!

LaMar's Donuts, of Denver, Colorado, is working with Drone Dispatch to make doughnut drone delivery a reality.

On Wednesday, as proof of concept, the company delivered boxes of donuts from LaMar's to a police station, two fire departments and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, reported the Associated Press.

To be clear, the doughnut drone didn't just drop out of the sky into eager hands; there was a Drone Dispatch team member on the receiving end. This is because the Federal Aviation Administration has strict rules governing commercial drones that forbid them from flying too close to airports. They also have to remain within the range of sight for the pilots at the controls, among other safety regulations.

Mayor Hancock was pleased, telling the AP: "This is exciting stuff and I think as we get ready for not only drones in the air, and get ready for autonomous vehicles, this is our future, this is how we're going to become a more efficient 21st century nation, society quite frankly."

Watch the future of doughnut delivery here: