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Dress created almost entirely with 3Doodler pen

A Hong Kong-based fashion art house has created a couture dress inspired by seashells -- fabricated almost entirely using the 3Doodler "3D printing" pen.


3D printing has been taking off in fashion -- but this one is definitely a first. Hong Kong-based fashion art house Shigo has created a 3D-printed dress -- one fabricated almost entirely using the 3Doodler 3D-printing pen. The only parts of the dress not hand-printed are the buckles that hold it together.


The team started with a paper template, cut into the shape of the dress. This provided a "foundation" for the print, allowing the plastic to be printed exactly in the shape the dress would take when worn on the body.

The patterning on the dress is based on two different kinds of seashell, woven together to form a sort of PLA lace. Each seashell type was a different colour: Blue Steel for the fan-shaped shells, forming a panel down the front and back of the dress; and Diamonds & Pearls, for the snailshell-based side panels.

When the dress was finished -- and the buckles firmly 3Doodled onto the sides of the dress, so that the wearer can slip into it and snap it on like armour -- the paper was removed, leaving the 3D lace form perfectly intact.

"This is the first collaboration project for Shigo, it lasted three months from design preparation, pattern create, produce base for 3Doodler, try and get familiar in how to use the 3doodler, add 3D effect on the dress etc," the Shigo team wrote on its official website. "We want to share the result to people or even provide it as a source of inspiration."