Dreaded Blue Screen of Death strikes Olympics

One of the stadium's projectors displayed the famous Microsoft Blue Screen of Death.

John Chan
Crave Asia

The world watched in awe as China put on what some say was the best-ever Olympics opening ceremony ever. The proceedings culminated with the lighting of the Olympic torch by one of China's sporting greats, Li Ning, who was hanging from a wire high above the crowd. Who would have thought that at the same time, one of the stadium's projectors was displaying the famous Microsoft Blue Screen of Death?

Some eagle-eyed spectators caught it on camera, clearly showing the error message usually associated with serious software issues or hardware problems in a computer running Windows. Thankfully, this didn't mar the otherwise excellent show. Most people would have missed it with the explosion of sight and sound around them anyway.

Still, it acts as a reminder to future organizers of high-profile shows like this: writing your software in Linux or OS X could be a good option instead.

(Source: Crave Asia via Gizmodo)

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