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Dragon-slaying politician masters art of wacky campaign ads

An alien, a dragon and an oversize goose make cameo appearances in Canadian politician Wyatt Scott's political ad, the nuttiest of the year.

Wyatt Scott, pre-insta-beard. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

If you're wondering why your Facebook friends are discussing an independent candidate running for parliament to represent Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon in British Columbia, I have several answers for you: goose, dragon, alien.

Canadian politician Wyatt Scott's campaign ad is part "Game of Thrones," part Terry Gilliam and all bizarro. The title is "I'm running for Parliament!" It kicks off with Scott air-surfing on the back of a giant Canadian goose. He then pulls a long sword out of nowhere, dives through the air and slays a dragon on the ground, much as he would like to conquer corporate interests in government.

The crazy doesn't end there. Scott goes on to rescue a semi-damsel, fist-bump an alien and grow a beard almost instantaneously. If Scott doesn't get elected, he may have a bright future in Old Spice commercials. I won't spoil the dramatic sci-fi ending.

Even stranger is that it took the Internet so long to take notice of one of the finest campaign ads ever created. Scott posted his masterpiece to YouTube back on June 13, but it's today's talk of the town.

Though Scott's video is pretty out there, his campaign website is rather standard, containing statements like, "I share our Canadian values and our concern for this great country. Economy, equality, and education are cornerstones in my plans for the future." Hopefully, his plans for the future also involve battling dragons and making friends with extraterrestrials.

(Via io9)