Download PhysX showcase 'CellFactor: Revolution' for free, starting May 8

New game shows off specialized physics-processing hardware.

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Rich Brown
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If you're one of the pioneering few who picked up Ageia's PhysX game physics card, you'll soon have a game designed from the start to show it off. Best of all, you don't lose anything for trying, as CellFactor: Revolution will be available for free download on May 8.

CellFactor: Revolution promises to finally show off what a physics card can do. Immersion Studios

We tried out an early tech demo of CellFactor when the Physx cards first came out, and we were impressed with how the effects offered a new way to interact with a game world (although we should add, that "DirectPhysics" component of DirectX 10 we reported on turned out to be just a rumor). Through the telekinetic-powered protagonist, we were able to toss all manner of boxes, rolling pipes, and other objects around a densely packed, small level. You can also check out PhysX accelerated effects over on Ageia's Web site.

Even if the game is terrible, we have to credit Ageia for its overall strategy. First it handed out its software development kit free to game developers, now it's giving away the first fruits of that labor. If you ask Intel, AMD, or Nvidia, they would all tell you that they don't see a need for specialized physics-processing hardware, when all of their own chips can use their off cycles to do the work. It's also sort of hard to explain the changes that improved physics can bring to gaming until you see them in action for yourself. Making it easy for people to see what it looks like for themselves is a great way to get the word out.