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Donald Trumpkin is back to make the holidays great again

The massive 374-pound pumpkin that was built to look exactly like Donald Trump has gotten a festive, Christmas-elf makeover for the holidays.

Donald Trump looks pretty grumpy as an elf.
Paras Pumpkins

Remember the Trumpkin? The massive 374-pound pumpkin by Jeanette Paras of Paras Pumpkins that single-handedly made Halloween great again?

Just like the presidential candidate, the Trumpkin is still around, and everyone's favorite gourd-with-a-hairpiece has gotten a festive makeover and a new mission for the holidays.

In the spirit of the season, the Trumpkin is now dressed up as an elf that looks determined to make Santa Claus great again.

Atop the Trumpkin's head (or, hair) sits a festive green and yellow elf hat, and below him rests a traditional green tunic with a white collar, making it look like he'd fit right in at the North Pole.

Paras has been making pumpkins resemble popular figures since 1988, and her previous gourds have taken on the likeness of folks like Miley Cyrus, Barack Obama and even North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

Can the Elf Trumpkin make the holidays great again? Only a few weeks left to find out.