Donald Trump weighs in on Yanny vs. Laurel

The White House, much like the world, is split on the whole "Laurel or Yanny" fiasco.

Pool / Getty Images

Have you tired of the "Laurel" versus "Yanny" debate yet? I know I have, since obviously it's Laurel and there was never reason for any further discussion. But if you've still got some fire left in you, it may be on the cusp of extinguishment. 

Because The White House has weighed in. 

In a video posted to the White House's Twitter page, the public faces of the federal government pick their sides: Is it "Laurel" or is it "Yanny?"

"So clearly Laurel," Ivanka exclaims. "Who's Yanny?" asks Vice President Mike Pence. Sarah Huckabee Sanders says something about CNN being fake news (really). What does President Trump think? It's worth watching to find out.

(Spoiler: Despite the constant negative press, it's covfefe.) 

In case you've somehow not heard, the the great debate began after an audio sample went viral on Twitter and Reddit. In it, a voice says a word. What this word is depends on you. If you're a paragon of virtue, you'll hear "Laurel." If you're a low-life scumbag, you may hear something like "Yanny."

Just kidding. There are currently four different scientific explanations for the discordance. None is definitive yet. There are some questions science just can't answer.

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