Dogecoin Nascar paint scheme unveiled. Wow. Such doge.

Dogecoin users can now see the highly entertaining results of having raised $55,000 to sponsor a Nascar racer.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Dogecoin Nascar
The Dogecoin car from the side. Phil Parsons Racing

Wow. Such Reddit. So crypto. Much Nascar. Wow. It's really happening. Cryptocurrency-flush Reddit users banded together to raise big real-world bucks to sponsor up-and-coming driver Josh Wise in the Nascar Sprint Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway this coming weekend.

That sponsorship money not only ensured that Wise will be able to qualify for the big race, but also that Dogecoin, the particular brand of Bitcoin cryptocurrency raised, would get to deck out the race car with Shiba Inu dogs.

Graphic designers pitched in to come up with ideas for what the car would look like. The Phil Parsons Racing team finally let the world in on the official paint scheme with some tweeted photos. The car looks pretty standard on the side, with a white, gold, and black color combination and a big "98." "Dogecoin digital currency" is prominent. Look closer and you'll see, just behind the back wheels, a rocket ship with the words "to the moon."

The hood and back bumper are really the stars of the show. Here's where the classic doge Shiba Inu pup makes appearances. Talledega races are known for drafting, a strategy involving two drivers partnering up with one directly behind the other, so we can likely look forward to seeing other cars pretty much kissing the doge on the back bumper.

The only thing that would possibly be better would be for a full-on meme-themed Nascar race featuring Jimmie Johnson driving the Grumpy Cat car and Dale Earnhardt Jr. behind the wheel of the Ermahgerd Chevy.

Dogecoin Nascar
Wow. Doge gets the bumper treatment. Phil Parsons Racing