Does Facebook think Ebert's new jaw is abusive?

Film critic Roger Ebert says his latest blog post about his prosthetic jaw has been marked by Facebook as "abusive content." The company is reportedly investigating.

Chris Matyszczyk

Sometimes, you get reviewed by Facebook. Sometimes, they tell you they don't like what you've created. And, just sometimes, they give it a downward thumb and remove it altogether.

This, according to film critic Roger Ebert, is what happened with his latest blog post about his new prosthetic chin.

Ebert decided to describe the creation of his new chin in a Chicago Sun-Times blog post.

His battle with cancer is well-documented and he clearly thought it would be nice to document the two-year construction process of a new chin that he would be wearing on his new TV show.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It seems, though, that this blog post caught the eyes and disapprobation of the censors at Facebook.

For Ebert declared on his Facebook page that the post had been blocked and marked as "abusive content."

Facebook told MSNBC that it was going to have a chinwag about this unfortunate matter.

One hopes it is swift and decisive, as nothing in his post even vaguely resembles a breastfeeding mother or even a doll's nipples, two of the more heinous sights that have been firmly cracked down upon by the Facebook whip.