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'Doctor Who' season 8 photos and trailer debut

Mysterious images and a contemplative teaser trailer give fans a few more clues before the August 23 "Doctor Who" premiere.

With a stare that intense, you know the Doctor means business. BBC America

Actors Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor and Jenna Coleman as his "impossible" companion Clara begin season 8 of "Doctor Who" on August 23 with a feature-length episode titled "Deep Breath." It will air on BBC America in the US and BBC One in the UK.

BBC America and BBC One alike released four new images this week from the "Deep Breath" episode to excite fans about adventures awaiting the newly-regenerated Time Lord and his companion.

Coleman as Clara and Capaldi as the Doctor, deep in discussion. BBC America

When the Doctor and Clara have an intense tete-a-tete that can only mean trouble for them both, and any alien species that may attempt to keep them from their mission.

Pay close attention to Madam Vastra -- played by Neve McIntosh. BBC America

Otherwise called "The Lizard Woman from the Dawn of Time," Vastra will be joined by her fellow members of the Paternoster Gang -- Jenny Flint (actor Catrin Stewart) and the Sontaran Strax (actor Dan Starkey) -- in "Deep Breath," according to BBC One.

When the Doctor looks up, you have to wonder what may be lurking in the sky. BBC America

It appears in this photo that Capaldi hasn't changed into his new dapper look yet. Here we see the Time Lord still wearing the Eleventh Doctor's threads.

In the new teaser trailer entitled "Listen," which launched over the weekend, Capaldi's Doctor sits -- almost in meditation -- on the Tardis roof, before his eyes pop open and he says "Listen!"

Fans are indeed listening and watching for any clues as to what the Doctor and Clara will be up to in the premiere of season 8 of "Doctor Who" on August 23 on BBC America and BBC One. We can't wait!