Dinosaur earrings should make regular jewelry extinct

Sliced-apart retro toys are transformed into these prehistoric pretties found on Etsy.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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These dinos look awfully happy despite being chopped in half and stabbed into someone's ear.

OOOWorkshop on etsy

What's that? Sorry, I can't hear you, there's a dinosaur in my ear. Hong Kong-based Etsy shop OOOWorkshop is having fun with fossils, and, really, these cute earrings should make all other types extinct.

The shop takes small dinosaur toys and -- cover your ears, Barney fans -- slices them in half to make the cutest lil' Jurassic jewelry of our modern era.

Varieties include the Guanlong (a small tyrannosauroid found in China), the impressively armored Ankylosaurus, horned Ceratosaurus, kid favorite Brontosaurus and "Jurassic Park" star Velociraptor.

You don't even have to scrape up that much cash out of your cave. They'll run you just $12.99 a pair ((£10, AU$17). And if you'd rather not live in the Land of the Lost, other earrings offered include sharks, Pokeballs and Pokemon characters.

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