Dice Gauntlet puts unlimited rolling power on your wrist

Gather your hit points, cast your spells, and become the coolest RPGer at the table with the Dice Gauntlet, an epic wrist bracer with built-in digital dice.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Dice Gauntlet
Strap this bad boy to your wrist and roll away. Geekify

Back in my day, we used paper and pencil for our Dungeons & Dragons games. Our fighters and clerics had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to attack a castle. Kids nowadays don't even have to use real dice anymore. They just wave their fists and let the Dice Gauntlet do all the work.

Sweet orc feet, but the Dice Gauntlet from Geekify is a brilliant idea. It's a leather gauntlet with a digital dice system built right in. You get both the tough "Game of Thrones" look and the convenience of two independent displays that can roll two separate dice at a time.

All you have to do is shake your fist of fury or pound the table as you demand more mead and the gauntlet will generate a random roll for you.

The gauntlet features different modes so you can choose your dice, from a coin flip on up to a d100. A counter mode lets your track your life and score to keep tabs on the health of your character. There's also a timer, in case you want to inject some extra panic into your next dragon battle.

The Dice Gauntlet is in fundraising mode on Fundable at the moment. A $79 pledge gets you a basic gauntlet. A $150 pledge gets you a customized version should you prefer a fake-fur look or something to match your favorite character.

Dice Gauntlet, barbarian style
Geekify has also built a special Barbarian model. Geekify