Attachable urinal for home toilets wants to make a splash

The Main Drain isn't shy about its bathroom habits. The detachable and adjustable urinal aims to make toilet time more convenient for guys.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Main Drain on toilet
Are you ready for a home urinal? Main Drain

Kickstarter has proven to be surprisingly fertile ground for toilet-related projects. There was an unsuccessfully funded smell-sucking toilet seat, a light that makes your bowl glow and, now, the Main Drain, an attachable gooseneck urinal device that clings to the toilet bowl.

The idea behind the Main Drain is providing a low-cost, in-home urinal option for guys who would like the convenience of a public restroom in their own home. It consists of a geometrically designed gaping maw with a tube that escorts the contents directly down into the toilet bowl. It just clips into place on the toilet bowl underneath the seat.

People looking for fault with the Main Drain design may find some points to discuss. It does look pretty convenient for guys, but anybody sitting down on the toilet may find the gadget hovering uncomfortably close to face height.

There may be some concern about handling cleaning chores, since when it comes to household duties, toilet scrubbing in general is right up there with chipping the crust off the ceiling of the microwave and picking up after the pooch. Main Drain's creator Dan Garvin attempts to soothe those fears by saying all you have to do is point your favorite spray cleaner into the opening and spritz away. This is assuming the guys in your household have good aim in the first place.

The Main Drain is hoping to raise $50,000 and has so far generated just over $540 in backing with 33 days left to go. Early-bird pledge slots are available for $35 while the regular price is $45. The project hasn't caught crowdfunding fire, perhaps because the men who want it are being overruled by the women they live with.