Denon's $500 Ethernet cable

Denon is selling a "ultra premium" $500 Ethernet cable for the audio sucker, I mean, enthusiast. So why should I drop $500 on a Cat6 cable with high purity copper?

Matthew Panton Editorial Intern
Denon's $500 Ethernet cable Denon

Doesn't this sound familiar? Denon is selling an "ultra premium" $500 Ethernet cable (the AK-DL1), for the audio sucker, I mean, enthusiast, reminding us all of Pear Audio's $7,250 cable from not long ago. Officially, the AK-DL1 is a Denon Link cable--a proprietary audio connection used between Denon products--but any Cat6 Ethernet cable will do. So why should I drop $500 on a Cat6 cable with "high purity copper?"

You shouldn't. Copper is copper, and like with any digital connection (HDMI or Ethernet), you either have a high-quality connection or you don't. Think of it like a on or off light switch. This isn't like the ol' analog days, where high-end cable may have meant something.

Be sure to check out CNET's Quick Guide to HDMI Cables for a further explanation. Looking at Monoprice.com, the same "high quality" Ethernet cables run for 22 cents a foot vs $100 for Denon's cable. Take your cash and put into a better television or AV receiver, unless you're the guy who has money to burn and already has the Pear Audio cable.

Source: PC Pro via Pocket-lint