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Wanna Smell Like One of the World's Best Bars? Now You Can

Death & Company just launched a trio of fragrances inspired by haute cocktails and the cities that love them.

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death and co perfumes on table

Smelling like a bar just got a whole lot cooler.

Death & Company

Now, if you come home smelling like the bar, you'll have a pretty good alibi. Death & Company, a speakeasy-style cocktail joint that consistently lands on best bar lists, has launched a line of perfumes, each inspired by one of its three outposts in New York, Los Angeles and Denver. 

The line of fragrances, described as gender-inclusive, is a creation of Jackie Brenner, a former bartender and current owner of de Kloka small-batch botanical perfumery in California. 

And don't worry, these high-end potions don't just smell like gin and questionable decisions. Brenner pulled from her experience as a bartender and regular customer of Death & Co. "Capturing the essence of the Death & Co bar experience in perfume form was a sensory adventure down memory." she said, "I tapped into all my past experiences in the bar world, the different sensations of sitting at Death & Co, and the smells and textures they bring forth."

The three perfumes share a handful of common ingredients -- saffron, cardamom, coffee and sweet incense -- along with more location-specific aromas to lend a personal touch.

three bottles of perfume on table

Death & Co's cocktail-inspired fragrances retail for $90 each or $270 for the trio.

Death & Company

Denver's scent features saddle leather, earthy patchouli, fresh citrus, hops and fresh cannabis. Sounds pretty Denver to me. 

Meanwhile, the New York fragrance leans on classic cocktails for inspo with spikenard, an aromatic that resembles vermouth along with coriander, citrus and herbal notes -- there's the gin! The Big Apple finish includes rose and beeswax to mimic the, erm, smell of candlelight. 

Finally, Los Angeles emits desert heat and velvety suede with ginger, jasmine and orange blossom combined with rare citruses like yuzu and yellow mandarin. It's all rounded out with a hit of frankincense and myrrh. (No gold?)

All three scents are available at Death & Company Market along with some very giftable barware, cocktail recipe books and apparel. It's $90 for a single 15-milliliter bottle and $270 for the trio.

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