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Epic 360-degree selfie will give you wanderlust

You've never seen anything quite like this. This incredible around-the-world video selfie took three years to film and is sure to make you want to hop a plane.

Ultimate Selfie
Video screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

By attaching a GoPro camera to a long stick, extreme adventurer Alex Chacón documented himself in an astonishing 360-degree video selfie that spans more than 36 countries. In it, he features himself around an impressive list of exotic sites, including the Taj Mahal and the Maya Pyramids of Chichen Itza. He even captures himself in an underwater scuba diving moment and another one jumping off of a bridge.

On this journey, Chacón has ridden his motorcycle over 12,000 miles and across more than 75 international borders. He shares beautiful videos and photos of his worldwide experiences on his site, Modern Motorcycle Diaries.

If you're ready to be really wowed, check out Alex's fantastic selfie. It's called "Around the World in 360° Degrees" and it's one for the books.