CruxSkunk dresses your iPad up in MacBook clothes

You bought an iPad, but sometimes you wish you had a MacBook. Settle for a MacBook look-alike when you dock your iPad into the CruxSkunk keyboard.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
CruxSkunk keyboard
Is it an iPad or a MacBook? CruxCase

CruxSkunk sounds like it would add a bad smell to your iPad, but what it really does is turn your tablet into a little laptop.

Sure, we've seen lots of add-on iPad keyboards, but the CruxSkunk from CruxCase goes all out with imitating Apple's MacBook aesthetic. If there were such a thing as a MacBook Mini, it would look like an iPad in a CruxSkunk.

Lots of us buy tablets because we love the portability and touch-screen concept. When it comes to typing the next great American novel or a term paper, however, the onscreen keyboard gets tiresome pretty quickly.

Two of the CruxSkunk's big selling points are the snugness of the fit and the thinness of the design. All together, it is 19mm (about three-quarters of an inch) thick. The shiny bits are aircraft-grade aluminum, sandblasted and anodized to match the iPad's finish. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and runs on a rechargeable battery.

The CruxSkunk is currently up on Kickstarter, but it's very close to its goal with more than a month to go. A CruxSkunk with a leather sleeve will cost you a $155 pledge. Perhaps the best selling point of all is looking like you have a MacBook, but only spending a total of $654.

CruxSkunk keyboard hinge
The hinge rotates all the way around. CruxCase