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Crayola Trace & Draw turns iPad into art pad

iPad 2 case from Griffin Technology works with a drawing app to let your little one trace animals, robots, and other creatures onto real paper.

Crayola Trace & Draw
Draw me an elephant, kid.
Griffin Technology

You can already transform your iPhone into a baby toy and let your cats paint on your iPad. Now it's time to turn your toddlers loose on your Apple device.

Crayola Trace & Draw screen shot
I'm sensing a Jungle Frenzy coming on. (Click to enlarge.) Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The Crayola Trace & Draw system from Griffin Technology is an iPad 2 case designed to bring out your young one's inner Matisse or Motherwell.

First you have to download the free Crayola Trace & Draw app. Place the iPad into the $39.99 case, slide a piece of paper into the clipboard frame, and hand it over to your little imp to trace over the images below with an included marker.

The app features goofy talking animals that walk your kids through the drawing process and then praise their efforts. She can also choose from robots with swappable bodies and other age-appropriate drawing activities.

Griffin had enough foresight to include a static peel screen protector to ward against peanut butter smudges and dirt.

Training your adorable little rugrat to scribble on your iPad screen may have some unintended consequences. I recommend locking away your iPad 2 and any permanent markers you have in the house when not in use.