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Crave Podcast 77: Are you an Internet addict?

It's not as good as a choccy egg, but our Easter gift, dear podcateers, is this episode a day early. There's a rumour of an unlimited iTunes service and we're getting locked up like Sarah Connor

The Crave Podcast has arrived and it's a day early! Don't say we're not good to you. Okay, so the fact we're not here on Friday has something to do with our Thursday launch, but episode 77 has all the usual ingredients to bring a smile to your face including all the best tech news, and a bevy of the craziest Web tales.

This week we've heard rumours that Apple might be planning an all-you-can-eat iTunes service. The idea is that users will be given unlimited access to iTunes music in exchange for paying a bit extra for an iPod or iPhone. Sounds pretty good to us -- but whether Apple can get the record labels to agree is another issue entirely. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Next up, a US psychiatrist has said that Internet and gadget addiction is a mental illness. Anyone that spends an excessive amount of time online, or gets withdrawal symptoms from not being close to gadgets should seek professional help. If that's the case, the entire Crave team is about to get locked up, Sarah Connor-style.

Other news includes Bill Gates' comment that books are no longer relevant, Saudi kids using Bluetooth to flirt, and how you can stay fit while typing at your desk. We end the show with not one but two WTFs -- one that tells you how you can be Paris Hilton's official new best friend and the other... well... you have to hear it, then see it to believe it. Listen to the show here. -Rory Reid

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