Crave Podcast 35: Should the humble mouse scroll no more?

Should the humble mouse be strung up by its lead and left to rot in the museum of ancient tech? And what happens when you mix alcohol and the Microsoft Milan tabletop PC? Find out in the lastest Crave Podcast...

Kate Macefield
2 min read

After 40 years of faithful service, isn't it about time the humble mouse was laid to rest? In this week's Crave Podcast we put the "wretched rodent of a computer interface peripheral" on trial -- listen now to find out whether we think it should be strung up by its own lead or set free to inhabit desktops for many mouse-years to come.

Also subjected to gruelling interrogation this week is Google's new Street View feature on Google Maps, Microsoft's Milan tabletop PC (aka the Surface) and the British Lonelygirl15 copycat which is about to hit Bebo -- this time it's all about the fashion brands, darling. We also eagerly anticipate another marketing twist -- the live Nintendo Wii ads about to hit cinemas. Anyone for tennis?

If that's not enough to tickle your tech tentacles, swot up on LG's iPod washing machine, the Sony Vaio TZ series, Sony's E-series MP3 player and the forthcoming Episode 4 of Crave's Space Bubble, our wonderfully weird tech video podcast series.

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Click here to listen. -Kate Macefield