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Crave Podcast 17: Ten reasons to hate the Zune

It's time to open your ears yet once more for the Crave Podcast. The latest episode has considerable game, and also takes Microsoft's Zune apart with a technique that can only be described as clinical...

Join Chris Stevens, Rory Reid, Rupert Goodwins and Guy Cocker as they explore the latest developments in consumer tech and popular science. They discuss the violence surrounding the US Sony PlayStation 3 launch, cuss the Microsoft Zune to bits, and put the Nintendo Wii on trial.

They also take a look at the future of cooking with consoles, and ask if Chris Stevens should be shot for his outlandish decision to include Paris Hilton in a list of top ten girl geeks.

For all this and much more, much of it frankly very curious indeed, click here. -CS

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