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Crave Podcast 107: Let's spam the universe

This week on the podcast we discussed Bebo spamming outer space, the new Apple laptops and took a look at the gadgets that have been lighting our collective fires this week

This week's Crave Podcast crew -- Ian, Rich and Nate -- were scrabbling around for stuff to talk about, but luckily there was a small announcement about some new laptops from some company. Something called a 'MacBook' was launched, and a new kind of monitor known as a 'Cinema Display' was introduced. We don't think any of this stuff will catch on, to be honest.

We also dealt with the interesting news that Microsoft would be using Windows 7 as the official product name for its new version of Vista. That puts it just three numbers behind Apple. We're sure the fanboys will just love that.

We took a look at the Flip Mino, which can be customised with a photo of your choice. The best bit? It's totally free! We also found out that Japanese Asus Eee Box PCs were shipping to customers with a bonus -- a free virus.

There was also a significant amount of Craving, with Nate lusting over iPlayer on portable devices and Rich getting a kick out of the Panasonic G1, which he reckons is the future of cameras.

As usual, we answered your hate mail, questions and queries and the gluttons for punishment that we are, requested you stick even more of it in our Crave Podcast Lounge.

That just left us with WTF, and this week we got news that Bebo users would be spamming outer space in an attempt to let aliens know there's intelligent life on Earth. We're not quite sure how a bunch of teenagers using the word 'like' 50 times a sentence will prove that, but you never know, it might put off a potential invader. Check out the previous 106 eps here, subscribe in iTunes here, or right-click this link to download the MP3. –Ian Morris

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