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CBS CMO George Schweitzer discusses the network's fall TV programming with the new season beginning on September 14.

George Schweitzer Chief marketing officer, CBS
George Schweitzer's position as chief marketing officer at CBS gives him a unique opportunity not only to observe but also to help shape the ways technology is altering the television industry. A communications major at Boston University who joined CBS after graduation some 30 years ago, George is also an unabashed technology geek who specializes in the latest home automation and entertainment gear.
George Schweitzer
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Fall 2011 ad for '2 Broke Girls' on the side of a New York bus. CBS

With less than five weeks until the start of the new fall television season, marketing for premieres is in full swing. It's all about great content and communicating the message clearly to the viewing public. People have more choices than ever, so we have to work hard to break through the clutter with the message of our five new shows ("Person of Interest," "2 Broke Girls," "Unforgettable," "How To Be A Gentleman," and "A Gifted Man")--and two returning series changing time periods ("CSI" and "The Good Wife").

The good news is that we have an amazing platform to do so. We've had on-air promos for the new series running on the network since the moment they were announced in May. And as we move closer to premieres, we continue to offer a closer look and more information about our September prime-time lineup. Plus with big summer hits like "Big Brother" and the imminent return of the NFL on CBS, our strong and consistent network platform continues to be the single most important tool in our arsenal for getting the word out to America about the new season.

Fall 2011 ad for 'The Good Wife'. CBS

But that's not enough. In a world of media ubiquity where consumers spend time taking in massive amounts of content on many platforms in addition to live TV, our advertising and promotions extend to every corner of the universe--print, outdoor, radio, online, and mobile. Whatever people are doing throughout the day, our goal is to connect with them and give a clear message about what to expect from our programming.

Take for example, "The Good Wife," returning for its third season on CBS and moving to a new day and time starting Sunday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. The message in six words or less: new night, new time, new beginning. It's a fantastic show and our job is to make sure people know that there's a new beginning ahead. How do we do that? By creating ads and promos that convey that sense of excitement.

Fall 2011 ad for 'Person of Interest'. CBS
Or, take our new crime drama, "Person Of Interest" from executive producers J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan. Ever feel like you're being watched? The surveillance aspect of the new show is one of its most relatable selling points. Our key art showcases series stars Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson and an eerie New York setting, where everyone is under the constant watch of the camera.

And because there's no advertisement or creative treatment as powerful as positive words from a trusted friend, we make sure all of our shows are promoted on social media platforms so it's easy for fans to spread the word for us.

At the end of the day, success in this business is all about creating and cultivating the best shows. A great marketer is nothing without a great product and at CBS, we've got the goods. We're so excited to kick off another year of awesome TV, and we're thrilled to use Beyonce's latest hit "Countdown" as our anthem. Check it out and set your clocks now!

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