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Consumers pick Galaxy Tab S over iPad Air (in Samsung ad)

On the streets of New York, people are realizing that Samsung's new tablet is thinner and just plain better. At least in this Samsung ad they are.

Handsome New Yorkers choose Tab S every time. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The glory of the finest comparison ads is how they find the very people who prefer the product from the company that's paying for the comparison ad.

It's an art form. And a new Samsung ad is a marvelous example.

We are on the unforgiving streets of New York. Here, all you have are the opinions of those who know they're right.

Their IQ may be dwarfed by their self-worth coefficient, but they are the arbiters of everything that is cool and great.

In this ad, a handsome young man approaches other handsome young people and asks them about the Galaxy Tab S. Astonishingly, they independently gush.

It's so light. "It takes up, like, no space," says one young, tall, ginger-haired man.

"Samsung makes the best screens in the world," says a young woman, who clearly knows her pixels.

But then our handsome young presenter asks more handsome young New Yorkers to compare the Galaxy Tab S to the iPad Air.

You might expect a little contention. This is New York. People like to argue.

Alas, no. The more people compare the two tablets, the more they realize the iPad Air is like a grandparent's surgical sock when compared to the Louboutin that is the Galaxy Tab S.

True, those who know about these things say that the Tab S is an excellent product .

But how can you not marvel at the handsome young woman who says that it's "definitely better than our iPad"? No, she doesn't say which iPad she has, but does that matter?

The Galaxy Tab S is preferred by 100 percent of New Yorkers.

Or, at least, of those New Yorkers who were interviewed by Samsung's handsome young man and made the cut.