Conan's Google Glass helper: With you to the bitter end

The Google Glass helper redefines the concept of "in your face." It knows what you're thinking and can tell you the difficult things that you may not want to hear.

Chris Matyszczyk
Google Glass helper a la Conan
Dining with your mom on a Saturday night? The Google Glass helper is not impressed. Team Coco video/Screenshot by CNET

We all need guidance.

There are too many pressures on us and we often fail to find our way.

Conan O'Brien understands this. It's just one of the reasons that he's such an average LinkedIn influencer.

So he's decided to guide Google Glass wearers by introducing the Google Glass Helper.

This isn't just the voice in your ear. It's the face in your eye.

The minute you say: "OK Glass. Help" the Helper is there to make your life more complete.

If you're hungry, he recommends restaurants. If you're having trouble urinating, he projects images of a waterfall to help you along. He even makes water noises with his mouth.

And if you keep hanging out with your mom on a Saturday night, he calmly explains that it's very likely you will end your life alone.

I shan't spoil the ending.

Though I will reveal that there's an essence here that suggests Glass wearers are, at heart, rather sad people who are desperate to make some sort of connection with the real world.

I can't imagine where he got that idea from.