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Conan: iPhone 6 gone soft? There's stiff competition

Insisting that men cannot be seen with a bent iPhone, Conan O'Brien reveals that Samsung offers a firmer alternative.

There is little worse that having to present your flaccid iPhone 6 to the outside world. Team Coco screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

For the last 48 hours, those who bought an iPhone 6 Plus have been staring at it in search of the slightest kink. This is after a wave of photos and videos posted online claimed the thinner aluminum body of Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone is prone to bending.

It's a matter of principle, of aesthetics, of twisted masculinity.

This is something late-night host Conan O'Brien immediately grasped. The famed LinkedIn influencer and part-time comedian released what he says is a new Samsung video, which explains that real men just can't be seen with an object as "flaccid" as a bent iPhone 6 Plus.

"If your phone isn't as straight as it used to be, talk to your carrier about the Samsung Galaxy," says the voice-over.

The Samsung phone is, allegedly, "rigid and stiff." It stays "firm in your pocket all day and all night."

You'd know where this is going even if I didn't tell you that the tag line is: "Samsung. It's a raging phoner."

I fancy that there might have been a little raging at Apple this week, but mostly because of the touchingly imperfect iOS 8 update.

Apple claims only 9 people have complained about the flaccidity of the iPhones 6 Plus. I imagine, therefore, that the company won't be bending over backwards to accommodate suggestions its new phones need structural Viagra.