These are the major brands donating to the Black Lives Matter movement

Find out where brands like Target, Walmart and Facebook are donating right now.

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Many brands are speaking out against racial injustice -- but not all of them are donating to the cause. 

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The killing of George Floyd last month while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers has set off a wave of protests and dialogue on racial injustice that has continued unabated for weeks. And many corporations, big and small, have joined the conversation, issuing statements vowing to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. Some tech behemoths -- like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and others -- have followed up on their supportive words with major donation pledges, too. Other companies have yet to put their money where their mouth is. 

Below, we've rounded up major companies, from big box retailers to clothing stores, game publishers, fast food chains and more, that are giving substantial donations in the fight against racial injustice and systemic oppression. They're giving to organizations that include the American Civil Liberties Union, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Equal Justice Initiative, among others helping to create change. 

In addition to joining local protests, signing petitions and donating time and money, the ability to "vote with your wallet" -- to patronize companies that are making substantive donations -- is another way to support the cause of equal justice. 

Please note, however, that this list doesn't address any accusations of discrimination by various companies that have cropped up in media reports and social media in recent days as well. CNET encourages you to spend some time researching the companies you buy from to ensure they align with your values and ethics.

Technology companies

Many of the large tech companies in the US have donated substantial sums to the cause. Google has committed $12 million, while both Facebook and Amazon are donating $10 million to various groups that fight against racial injustice. Apple is pledging a whopping $100 million for a new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative that will "challenge the systemic barriers to opportunity and dignity that exist for communities of color, and particularly for the black community," according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Check out CNET's guide to learn more about how tech companies are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.  

Big box stores


Walmart announced that it will contribute $100 million over five years to create a new center for racial equity. In an email to Walmart employees, CEO Doug McMillan said the center "will seek to advance economic opportunity and healthier living, including issues surrounding the social determinants of health, strengthening workforce development and related educational systems, and support criminal justice reform with an emphasis on examining barriers to opportunity faced by those exiting the system."


Target announced a $10 million commitment in an effort to advance social justice through supporting partners like the National Urban League and the African American Leadership Forum. The brand also committed 10,000 hours of pro-bono consulting for small business in the Twin Cities that are black-owned or owned by people of color.

Home Depot

Home Depot CEO Craig Menear announced a $1 million donation to the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in a statement released on the company website. In the letter, Menear also said the company will work for change internally, "I have begun working with our associate resource groups to facilitate internal town halls to share experiences and create better understanding among us all," he said. "We are dedicated to supporting you and our communities during this time with the goal of emerging more united than ever." 

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Gaming companies

EA Games

EA announced a $1 million donation to improve racial equality, starting with donations to the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund. The brand says it will donate to more partners in the future.

Square Enix 

In a tweet earlier this month, Square Enix announced a $250,000 donation in addition to matching employee donations to the Black Lives Matter organization and other charities.


Gaming company Ubisoft tweeted that the company will donate $100,000 to the NAACP and Black Lives Matter organization and encouraged others to donate.

Clothing and accessories brands


Etsy announced a total contribution of $1 million in an Instagram post. The company is donating $500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative and $500,000 to the Borealis Philanthropy's Black-Led Movement Fund and will be matching employee donations. 


Clothing retailer H&M is pledging $500,000 across three different organizations, according to an Instagram post by the brand. The groups are the NAACP, ACLU and Color of Change.


San Francisco-based clothing company Everlane announced two $75,000 donations to the Equal Justice Initiative and the ACLU in a recent Instagram post. Everlane employees also compiled a shared document with educational resources on how to take action and support the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Toms Shoes

Toms Shoes announced a pledge to donate $100,000 over the next several months to organizations that support the movement.


Women's lingerie brand Spanx announced a $200,000 commitment on Instagram. In the post, Spanx said, "We are donating $100,000 across national organizations focused on combating racial injustice: Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and The Minnesota Freedom Fund. In addition, we are committed to donating an additional $100,000 to organizations in our own home of Atlanta."

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"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu​ At Spanx, we always aim to be a source of bright light and positivity in this world. Today, we cannot ignore the injustices and darkness of our outside world. We are overwhelmed with sadness, frustration, heartbreak and anger over recent events. We want you to know that though you see us as a brand, we are made up of real people who care deeply about the justice and equality of everyone. We share your outrage and sorrow over the injustices that led to the tragic loss of the life of George Floyd, along with Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and so many more. It’s time to not only stand up for what's right and speak out against racism, but to take action. We know that it’s in all of our hands to create a better world. Today, we’re using our social platforms to reiterate that we are committed to being a better ally to fight systemic racism. We will actively practice anti-racism through awareness and education, self-introspection and action. We are calling leaders, we are signing petitions, we are spreading ways to take action – but there is so much more that can still be done. We are donating $100,000 across national organizations focused on combating racial injustice: Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and The Minnesota Freedom Fund. In addition, we are committed to donating an additional $100,000 to organizations in our own home of Atlanta. To be an ally is to speak out against injustice and to be ears to listen to the POC experience. To be an ally to us means having a heart for empathy for the oppressed and a hand to make change. The time for silence is over. It’s time to learn, to grow, to change.​ #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #AntiRacism Art/Image Credit: @quotesbychristie

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Levis is donating $200,000 to the movement; $100,000 to the ACLU and $100,000 in grants to Live Free USA, an organization working to end mass incarceration.

Gap brands (Athleta, Old Navy, Gap) 

Gap brands pledged a total of $250,000 in donations to the NAACP and Embrace Race on behalf of the brand that includes Athleta, Old Navy and Gap.

Warby Parker

Eyewear manufacturer Warby Parker committed $1 million to fight systemic racism, although the brand didn't disclose which organizations it will give to.


Athletic wear brand Lululemon originally announced a $100,000 donation to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, but due to an abundance of donations, "we have been asked to channel our resources into other foundations standing for change. We contributed a total of $250,000 to local Minneapolis organizations Rebuild Lake Street and Friends of Hennepin County Library (East Lake Library), as well as national organizations NAACP, Black Lives Matter and Reclaim the Block." 


Nike promises to donate $40 million over the course of four years to social justice organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Food brands


Fast-food giant McDonalds is committing $1 million to the NAACP and the National Urban League, according to Business Insider. 


Wendy's pledged a $500,000 donation "to support social justice, the youth and education in the black community starting with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund." 


Coca-Cola released a statement titled "Where we stand on social justice," and committed $2.5 million in grants from Coca Cola foundation to the NAACP, Equal Justice Initiative, and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Beauty and makeup companies

Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty, the beauty brand founded by Jessica Alba, pledged $100,000 in donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Equal Justice Initiative. 

Anastasia Beauty

Anastasia Beauty is pledging $1 million to various organizations, writing in an Instagram post, "This weekend, we began with a donation of $100,000 across the following organizations: Black Lives Matter, The Innocence Project, The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Black Visions Collective, and The Marshall Project." 


Beauty brand Glossier plans to donate $500,000 to organizations that are "focused on combating racial injustice," and will donate an additional $500,000 in grants to black-owned beauty brands.

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Health and wellness companies

UnitedHealth Group

Health care giant, UnitedHealth Group announced a $10 million commitment to support George Floyd's children, and Minnesota businesses impacted by civil unrest. UnitedHealth is giving $5 million to the YMCA Equity Innovation Center of Excellence. UnitedHealth employs 20,000 people in Minnesota and is headquartered outside of Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed. 


Whoop announced a $20,000 donation to the Equal Justice Initiative in an announcement by CEO Will Ahmed on Instagram that outlined other ways the fitness tracker company will work to improve diversity and promote racial justice. 


Peloton announced a $500,000 donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in a social media post that encouraged others to donate and contribute to the Black Lives Matter cause.

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