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Crave's Toy Fair news roundup

A display of stuffed 'gwins at the Toy Fair.
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A few of us Cravers have been at the American International Toy Fair in New York City this week, and we've been thoroughly impressed by the selection of fun playthings that might be geared at a slightly younger audience but which we certainly wouldn't mind taking home anyway.

--LEGO Millennium Falcon. Will Greenwald kind of went nuts over this 5,000+ piece Lego building set that was released to commemorate that 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie. (Crave)

--Nerf gear for your Wii. Will also dug these super-soft "accessoriies," with a caveat: "Just remember that regardless of what they're made of, you shouldn't throw things at your television." (Crave)

--Photos: Hasbro's new toys for '07. From Spider-Man 3 to Star Wars, Hasbro was all about the tie-ins. Check out that iList music player, too! (CNET

--Legos galore at the Toy Fair. Looking at AquaRaiders, MindStorms, and...SpongeBob Squarepants? (CNET

--Where are all the Stormtroopers? Aside from Lego and Hasbro, there weren't a whole lot of Star Wars toys at the Toy Fair. Kind of weird... (CNET

--Photos: Science toys for kids. Some are serious, like those telescopes. Others look a little more exciting, like the gross-out chemistry lab sets. (CNET

--So, um, is it cool to like science now? Sound off. Does the ubiquity of science toys at the Toy Fair mean that you can readily admit you used to love watching Bill Nye the Science Guy? (CNET