CNET UK Podcast 223: Nokia has a little rethink

This week, Nokia changes its mind, plus we talk about Twitter being sold and a girl spending $1,400 on Smurfberries. There's the usual news and Crave discussion too.

Ian Morris
2 min read

Welcome to another CNET UK podcast. On this particular audio module of news, hilarity and debate, we talk about HP's new direction, AOL buying the Huffington Post and Twitter's potential sale to either Google or Facebook.

There's also a debate about the future of Nokia, a company that has just announced a radical change of direction.


HP launches a bunch of stuff, couldn't drop Palm name quick enough
AOL buys Huffington Post for $315m
Twitter in "early talks" with Facebook and Google over sale
ACS:Law forced to resume file-sharing case and judge says three-strikes law is problematic for unsecured Wi-Fi


HP TouchPad
INQ Cloud Touch

iPlayer for Android

Feature: Nokia has a rethink

We've been saying for a while now that Nokia needs to have a little rethink about its strategy. We're all massive fans of the company and its products, but the N8 showed us it has huge problems.

During the show -- which was recorded before Nokia announced its deal with Microsoft -- we discuss the options open to Nokia and what future the company has. 


An 8-year-old girl has spent $1,400 in-game on Smurfs' Village. It's hard to blame the girl, who is really too young to understand what sort of money she was spending. It's much easier to blame the game developer Capcom. There's no reason, as far as we can tell, for a children's game to have in-game purchases that go up to £35 -- for a wheelbarrow of Smurfberries. Smurfberries.

Surely it's time to put a stop to this nonsense?