CNET UK Podcast 191: Should we remake classic video games?

It's been a big week for news, especially for Apple, which sold 600,000 iPhone 4s. We also talked about HP spamming your printer, a lovely Ferrari and we debated the merits of remaking classic video games

Ian Morris
2 min read

This week on an entirely vuvuzela-free show, we talk about HP spamming your printer, Apple selling an impressive number of iPhones and we debate remaking video games. Plus, we award a prize in our weekly Facebook competition and set a new task for the coming week.

HP to spam your printer with help from Yahoo!
Apple sells 600,000 iPhone 4s, apologises for inability to take online orders
Goldeneye being remade for the Wii
AOL sells Bebo for $10m after paying $850m two years ago

Samsung Galaxy S
Ferrari 599 

Fast review
Every week, we'll review one product using just a noise or single syllable. This week, it's the turn of the Toshiba Regza 40LV713DB. If our short review isn't enough for you, you can read the full-length one in our reviews section.

Facebook competition
Congratulations to this week's winner Jack Benson, who drew us a lovely iPhone 4 in MS Paint. If you want to win a prize in next week's show, head to our wall and tell us one thing you like about the podcast, and one thing you don't. We value your honesty, but keep your personal attacks for anonymous comments on our podcast stories.

With GoldenEye on the way and Donkey Kong throwing barrels in the not to distant future, we ask if remaking video games is a good thing or a terrible desecration.

Didn't think that an x-ray could be obscene? Well check these shots out, and see if you still agree. It's an interesting publicity stunt for equipment manufacturer, but we're still left feeling a little bit strange, and not in a good way.