CNET UK Podcast 186: Rise of the touchscreens

This week, we defend the humble 12-key phone from the touchscreen mobile hordes. We also hear that although technology makes women happy, it makes world leaders sad

Flora Graham

This week on the CNET UK Podcast, Ian was in training for the World Cup, so Rory and Luke joined Flora to talk about whether a good, old-fashioned alphanumeric keyboard still has a place on a mobile phone, or whether touchscreens are where it's at, daddy-o. We also discussed whether technology can make you happy and what to expect from our new Lib-Con overlords.


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Sony Vaio P Series tiny netbooky-wooky


Of the 52 mobile phones released in UK shops this year, more than half were touchscreens, according to analysts, and the ones that weren't were budget phones. Does that mean the old reliable 12-key mobile phone is on its way to the Dixons in the sky, or will we always need buttons for the sausage-fingered crowd? Will even cooler technology give us the best of both worlds? We asked you in our poll.


Forget President Obama saying the Xbox is the opium of the masses and David Cameron banning mobile phones, we've got solid evidence that technology makes you happier. As long as you're broke or a woman.