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CNET to the Rescue: The last Rescue, and the end of Quicken for Mac

CNET to the Rescue is going on hiatus, but before we go, we tackle Quicken's lack of love for Lion, how to deal with multiple Google accounts, how not to drop your earbuds, and more.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
Rafe Needleman reviews mobile apps and products for fun, and picks startups apart when he gets bored. He has evaluated thousands of new companies, most of which have since gone out of business.
Rafe Needleman
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This week, the sharp editor of CNET How To, Sharon Vaknin, joins us again as we answer questions about Quicken, Google+, mousing on a Mac, and Facebook security.

This is the last CNET to the Rescue show for a while. The show is going into the shop and we're going to tune it up a bit, and will re-launch it shortly. I am leaving this show to launch another one here at CNET, hopefully also shortly.

If you have a tech question for CNET, e-mail how-to@cnet.com.

Thanks everyone for listening, watching, complaining, whatever...It's been a lot of fun. --Rafe

Watch this: CNET to the Rescue Ep.50: The end of Rescue, and Quicken for the Mac, too


Episode 51:The last Rescue; the end of Quicken for the Mac

Road tests

Listener questions


Ian: I received a notice from Quicken stating that Quicken 2007 for Mac would not run on a Mac that is upgraded to Lion. This is because because Lion will not have Rosetta included.

If my memory serves me correctly, Quicken was originally developed for the Mac platform way, way back, at least a couple of decades I reckon, and it was a money spinner for them. Then along came the PCs and Quicken was adapted for the PC platform as well. I have been using Quicken for all my personal finances including investment portfolios, ever since Quicken was first released to the Mac. I was so pleased with their product, I purchased Quickbooks, then QuickBooksPro for our small business. All on the Mac!

I am currently using Quicken 2007. I considered upgrading to Quicken Essentials for the Mac but Essentials cannot not handle the investment portfolios. The investment portfolio contains many, many transactions and re-entering them is not a practical option.

What to do?

1: Pressure Intuit, or Apple to continue to include Rosetta with Lion. Won't work, it's about money.

2. Best option, but a stopgap: Split the hard drive into 2 partitions and continue to run Snow Leopard and Quicken on one partition and then run Lion and everything else on the other partition. Or virtualize Snow Leopard under Lion.

3. Run Intuit apps on Windows under Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Expensive! But the apps are better on Windows anyway.

4. Quicken (not Quickbooks) users, check out iBank on OS X.


Technomensch: I could use some help clearing up some confusion w/ Google+. I currently have two Gmail accounts, one is a personal Gmail account, the other is a Google Hosted Domain account. Google+ doesn't work with Hosted Domains or Google Apps. Should I take advantage of Google+ using GMail or should I wait till Google+ for Google Hosted Domains comes out? I would imagine that since CBS moved to using Google, you might have a similar issue.

Rafe: Yes, we have this problem. Everyone at CNET who's using G+ is using it from their personal Gmail accounts. In my view, Google has an important task ahead of them in improving multi-account management.

Sharon: Use the log-in switcher. Enable it in your Google profile.


Jason: After several years of computer upgrades and backing up their files, I am sure that my current computer (and new NAS) has several duplicate files which are taking up important hard disk space. Can you recommend a good program that will search for duplicate files on my computer, as well as mapped drives, and allow me to decide what action to take?

Rafe: Dupes are not that big a deal, storage is cheap.

Sharon: I just installed and tested a spyware-free option called Glary Utilities. Among other things, it scans your selected drives for duplicate files and then lets you take action. You can filter the search by file size and type, too.


Nicolas: Your respectable work is a large inspiration to myself, my one-man company, and many friends who now listen to your podcast regularly.

When shopping on Craigslist.com and I click the e-mail address, my browser (Chrome) unfortunately brings up Outlook. How can I change the action of clicking on that e-mail link to bring up Gmail (signed in on another Chrome tab) instead of Outlook? I'm using Windows 7

Sharon: Change your default e-mail client. Easiest way to do this in Chrome is to install the "Send from GMail" extension. Made by Google. Find it in the Chrome Web store.


Kski: As the new school year is around the corner and as many new students are getting new laptops, I think a roundup of the top apps is in order and would love to hear what your most-used apps are. I understand that Microsoft Office and iWork is probably pretty common but would love to hear some others as well. (I was thinking of programs like Pixelmator that offer tools for a student on a budget.) Essentially I want to hear some suggestions to spend my $100 Apple gift card on!

Sharon: Google Docs vs. iWorks for groups. And spend that $100 on games.

Rafe: Evernote. You knew I'd say that.


Scott Farnsworth, Austin, Texas: I'm a veteran of the Windows world (actually I still have one foot in each camp). I love the Mac but there's something I can't figure out. The Mac has great keyboard shortcuts, which I love. But when it comes to interacting with a dialog box both my mouse and keyboard shortcuts fall short. If I want to only use the keyboard, I can Command Q or W to close some window or app, but if the Mac then needs for me to indicate whether I'm OK to lose what I was working on (or to save it), I'm forced back to the mouse. I must be missing something. Help!

Sharon: System preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts. At the bottom, enable "all controls."


Patrick Schacht: My wife is a high school biology teacher at one of a handful of schools in the nation that is going entirely digital next year. She is loving all the opportunities (Powerpoint controlled by iPad, digital textbooks, Internet for every kid, online assignment turn in & mark up, etc.) but has run into one snag - students editing word documents to submit. The school is obviously limited in their budget so they are providing each student with a Kyros tablet by Coby (much better build quality than other Coby products by the way) but this is not an official Google build of Android, and consequently doesn't have the App Market, and is consequently unable to install Google Apps to open these document types. I would have no problem buying her a $10-$20 office app (Docs to Go or something) but there is no way all of her students will be able to buy it. What would you recommend as a free document editor for Android outside of the App Market? I looked at rooting the device, but I also won't be able (or likely even allowed) to root each of her 200 students' devices

Rafe: Google Docs in the browser should work - there's nothing to install. Annotations in Android mode not so hot, though.

But more importantly, I have to scold the school for implementing a solution without doing an inventory of needs and software required first! Come on, if one of the high-school students was in charge of the project and did it this way, they'd get an F.


Ever since I enabled HTTPS on my Facebook account, every time i sign into it, I need to type a name into the 'recognized devices' box and there's a check box for me to add device to recognized devices. However, I don't think it's adding as it happens every time I sign in. Do you know why it prompts me?

Sharon: It's asking you for a name so that it can text or e-mail the name of the location each time you sign on. You probably enabled this without knowing. Go to Account Settings > Account Security > Disable Login notifications.