CNET Show Us Yours: Submit your home theater!

CNET's Show Us Yours: Living room feature is asking for more submissions, so get your digital camera ready and submit your home theater.

Matthew Moskovciak Senior Associate Editor / Reviews - Home theater
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Matthew Moskovciak
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One of our favorite features at CNET is Show Us Yours: Living room, where we highlight user-submitted home theaters and give advice. We're consistently blown away by some of the setups users send us--some of our all-time favorites include an LCD and home theater PC hidden inside a bookcase, crazy wooden speaker shells and a "man cave" outfitted with a urinal for game days.

Lately the steady stream of submissions have dwindled to just a trickle, so we're hoping to stir up some submissions from Crave readers out there. You don't need to have anything as elaborate as a hidden TV in a bookcase--we love getting submissions from enthusiasts who do a great job on a budget. Here's an overview of what you need in your submission:

CNET Show Us Yours submission guidelines

  • Basic personal information, like your name, the city you live in, and favorite DVD, Blu-ray, or HD DVD disc.
  • At least five images of your home theater, plus a head shot of yourself. Images need to be in horizontal (landscape) format, and each photo should be less than 5MB. We strongly recommend sending more than five images, with plenty of closeups of your gear and wide-angle shots. When e-mailing, keep in mind each e-mail can only be 5MB large, but feel free to send multiple e-mails.
  • For each photo you submit, write a few sentences about it. Why do you like that piece of gear? Why did you set up the room like this? What do you like most about your setup? Let us know why your home theater is special.
  • A list of your gear with the model numbers and manufacturer names.
  • Written acknowledgment that you're willing to have your profile featured online.

That's it. Just send that information to ShowUsYours@cnet.com and if you make the cut, we'll feature your home theater and provide some pointers. For some additional inspiration, check out some of the best photos from Show Us Yours after the jump:

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Knock on wood

Man cave

Pull-down home theater

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