CNET LIVE: Webware 100 announced

In this edition, Tom and Brian welcome CNET Editor Rafe Needleman to CNET Live.

Neha Tiwari Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Neha Tiwari is a CNET News.com associate producer.
Neha Tiwari
It's not often we get the chance to talk about Web apps on CNET Live. Well, Brian does have his Best of the Web segment. And Tom and Brian do answer questions about Web sites and services. But this week, it's going to be different. Mostly because we have Rafe Needleman, CNET Webware head honcho and editor, dishing out who the winners are in the Webware 100.

Also in this broadcast, Tom and Brian will take a look at what they crave this week. Will it be a MP3 doorbell, a solar backpack, a Levi's cellphone, or something completely different? Find out later today. Plus, Veronica Belmont is going to share how to take your Spice Girl collection (or other songs you no longer dig) off your iPod. A tip we all could benefit from!

In addition, the guys will be taking your questions at 888-900-CNET up to a half hour before the show. So, give your favorite CNET hosts a call with your finest tech dilemmas.

Tune in today at 1 p.m. PT to be part of the best live experience on the Web--CNET Live!