CNET has a new debate show that's already ruined office friendships

In the debut episode of Nope, Sorry, notable arguer Jeff Bakalar takes on Scott Stein in three rounds of fiery, mostly tech-related debate.

Jeff Bakalar Editor at Large
Jeff is CNET Editor at Large and a host for CNET video. He's regularly featured on CBS and CBSN. He founded the site's longest-running podcast, The 404 Show, which ran for 10 years. He's currently featured on Giant Bomb's Giant Beastcast podcast and has an unhealthy obsession with ice hockey and pinball.
Jeff Bakalar

Some would say that civil discourse is a thing of the past. For the most part, that's probably right.

But on CNET's new YouTube debate show, "Nope, Sorry," we're holding on to the last semblance of respectful dialogue. Kind of.

Follow each episode as Jeff Bakalar argues with different friends and colleagues through three rounds of the hottest takes you'll find outside of all the dummies you mute on Twitter.

Debates are hard. Sometimes you have to defend something you don't necessarily agree with. That's how debates work. That's why they're fun.

This week, Jeff debates Senior Editor Scott Stein about the merits of streaming games online, the value of Nintendo's new online service, and which music streaming service is the best. Judging this week's episode is Senior Editor Bridget Carey, who will award a total of five points per round.

There can be only one winner. No pressure, Bridget.