CNET Book Club: Josh Frank on bringing the Marx Brothers and Salvador Dalí together

In Giraffes On Horseback Salad, the author and his collaborators, including Tim Heidecker, bring a long-lost film project to life.

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Scott, Josh Frank and Dan. 
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Author Josh Frank has done the near impossible. He's managed to resurrect a long-dormant film project and bring it to life as a new graphic novel. The film in question is Giraffes on Horseback Salad, originally planned as a collaboration between Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí and the Marx Brothers. 

Working closely with Harpo, Dalí plotted out a movie about GrouchoHarpoChico (sorry, no Zeppo) and a mysterious "surrealist woman." The extent of just how much work was done on the never-completed project has been a matter of speculation for years.

CNET Book Club: Josh Frank on bringing the Marx Brothers and Salvador Dali together in his new graphic novel

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Enter music and movie writer Josh Frank, who has painstakingly chased down every piece he could find of Dalí's outline and notes on the project, which were spread across different countries and collections. 

In our conversation, he explains how, along with artist Manuela Pertega and Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric fame), he knitted the outline into a graphic novel that manages to feel both like a Marx Brothers movie and a surreal Dalí project. 

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