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Chinese firm releasing Android-running 'iPhone 5'

A Hong Kong iPhone 5 look-alike is positioned to beat Apple to market, minus one very important feature: iOS.

Goophone I5
Apple and Android fanboys, unite!

You can wait around like everybody else, languishing in a long line at the Apple Store, or you can zip over to Hong Kong and pick up an iPhone 5 well before everybody else. Sounds great, right? There's a catch.

The iPhone 5 you're getting may look like it matches all the leaked information of Apple's upcoming smartphone, but dig a little deeper and you'll notice some differences. Like Android. In a bizarre mixture of technology rivals, the phone is called the Goophone I5.

Details are sketchy on this look-alike, but it definitely cops the two-tone back look expected for the iPhone 5. Despite hints that the iPhone 5 could grow in screen size, the Goophone version comes with a 3.5-inch display.

The iPhone 5 knock-off will likely be available before Apple gets around to releasing the real deal, which it's widely expected to do on September 12. It should fit the niche market of people who want to look like they have an iPhone, but secretly prefer the Android operating system.

Perhaps Apple could return the favor and copy the Goophone's advertising look. There's something very intriguing about having a smartphone held aloft by proud workers, soldiers, and moms.

Goophone I5 back
Hmm, this phone already looks familiar. Goophone

(Via The Register)