Can you solve the new Google Doodle mystery?

A new Google Doodle celebrates the 120th birthday of British mystery writer Agatha Christie. It leaves one question unanswered: who killed the O in Google?

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Those who design Google's little Doodles seem to be cerebral types. They try to eschew the mundane for something of a more intellectual flavor. This surely describes the latest--and one of the most charming--in the Doodle gallery.

Perhaps you might have not noted it in your calendar, but today would have been Agatha Christie's 120th birthday. The celebrated British mystery writer made little old ladies seem like the wisest people in the world when she created the Miss Marple series.

And by giving birth to Hercule Poirot, she made Belgium seem like a place that could solve every mystery, save for what to do about the traditional disaffection between the Flemish and French-speaking parts of the country.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

So, to celebrate Christie's continued presence in the world, Google is asking one and all: "Doodle me this. Who killed 'O'?"

I am not referring to Oprah Winfrey's fine, intellectual magazine. Rather, in a Doodle appearing on Google's home page in places such as Ireland and the United Kingdom, it is the "O" in Google that has been murdered. It is unclear if she (o, yes, the "O" is wearing pearls) has been strangled, poisoned, or stabbed. I can see no handprints on her neck and no visible signs of struggle or dagger.

Hercule Poirot himself is clearly at the scene, the mustache on the 'G' being entirely reminiscent of several filmic versions of his persona. (I prefer the Peter Ustinov incarnation.)

So please, can you work out whodunnit? Are you feeling lucky? I suspect the "l" in the green tie. He's looking far too relaxed for my taste.