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Can you bring a goat into an Apple retail store?

What can you do in an Apple retail store besides buying a gadget? Apparently just about anything, as one man has proven.

Josh Lowensohn/CNET

If you wanted to get your Apple gadget fixed, would Apple let you bring your goat in to keep you company while you waited for a spot at the Genius Bar?

Comedian Mark Malkoff--who attempted to visit 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan in a single day back in 2007--decided to see for himself, tackling a similar challenge of the Apple variety. Dubbed the "Apple Store Challenge," Malkoff sought to see if he could do anything that would actually perturb the staff at various Apple retail stores around New York (short of anything truly malicious).

As background, Apple retail stores--which turned 10 just two months ago--are well known as places where you can burst into song and record your own dance video with few people even batting an eyelash, let alone getting you kicked out. At least, most of the time.

Malkoff played up the absurd, bringing in the aforementioned goat, ordering a pizza, enjoying a date with dinner and live music, and donning a costume of a certain sci-fi icon while getting iPhone repairs done. I won't spoil anything except to say that Malkoff lived to share the outcome. The video proof, first picked up by Gothamist this morning, is embedded below:

(Via Gizmodo)