Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1171: Pants.

The pants meme is strong in this episode -- so strong we can't even pinpoint it to a certain topic. Google Buzz is pants, Microsoft may have no pants on, and the IOC is trying to sue the pants off everyone under the sun. And Molly will not be wearing pant

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
4 min read

The pants meme is strong in this episode -- so strong we can't even pinpoint it to a certain topic. Google Buzz is pants, Microsoft may have no pants on, and the IOC is trying to sue the pants off everyone under the sun. And Molly will not be wearing pants to BOL's SXSW meetup. Find out why in the show. --Molly

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Hey Guys,

I was trying to puzzle out why that guy keeps mistaking your number
for his favorite progressive alternitive 18 to 34 rock station by
trying out a couple numbers that were close to yours. I tried one with
an 888 instead of 800 and the conversation went as follows:

*ring ring*
Steve: “Hello, you’ve reached Steve”
Me: (expecting voice mail) “I, uhhhh, think…wrong…”
Steve: (sounding rather miffed) “If you’re calling for the buzz thing
this isn’t it”
Me: “Oh, I’m…”
Steve: (hangs up)

What did i learn? Number confusion about BOL’s number isn’t uncommon.
Just ask Steve.



Hi Tom.

Just read this and thought you might be intrested to see the UK governent has dropped it’s 3 strike law! Not only is this amazing but has restored my faith in Gordon Brown. The man is a saint.

(For the record I don’t p2p but think that due process is a right everyone should have.)





Dear Tom, Molly and whomever is occupying the third chair.

First time emailer, long time listener.

Unlike during previous seasons of AMERICAN IDOL, this year the proverbial powers that be have allowed the contestants to interact via officially sanctioned social media accounts on twitter, facebook and because it’s a FOX owned property myspace. Since I figured IDOL is nothing more than a giant popularity contest anyways and I clearly have too much time on my hands, I decided to take it upon myself to aggregate each contestants followers in order to see which contestant is the most popular online. Figuring popularity might equate to votes and thus help predict the winner.

Why should the BOL audience care about this? They shouldn’t! Except that my data conclusively shows that myspace is officially over: See for yourself at http://thetvaddict.com/2010/02/22/american-idol-the-top-24-by-the-numbers/

Keep up the great work, love the show.




Hey My Buzz-lympians-

Seems a man here in the UK has come up with a more intelligent Jumpdrive-

1. It can be located by GPS with-in 30 meters- (another review I found said they got it located with-in 10 feet)
2. If the password is incorrectly attempted after a set number of times, the key deletes all memory
3. It can be paired with a specific laptop to control the ability to turn on/off that laptop
4. You can send a text message to the device and it will delete all the data

Welcome to MI6!!!

Very cool-

Read originally about it in a local paper (http://is.gd/8ZGdk), but here is the direct link to the product:

After the fiasco of the NHS person who left a jumpdrive with most of the personal info of the NHS database on a train, this is being considered a requirement for all the workers! I’m all for it…

Cheers from Oxford
Tom Merritt the Doppelganger

Come see us at SXSW in Austin, TX!